Ceramics which we offer come directly from Portuguese factories.

If you find our offer attractive and would like to introduce our ceramics in your shops, please contact
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 Dear Visitors,

Thank you for visiting our site and I am pleased to welcome you to a fabulous, enchanting world of pottery. Not only have I chosen the Portuguese pottery, but it has chosen me! It has awakened in me a fine appreciation for their unique style.

While Portugal is famous for marvelous beaches, luxury resorts, picturesque harbour towns, varied and tasty cuisine, fado music, friendly people, I am in awe of their beautiful pottery.

Portugal is the country with a very long handicraft tradition, including embroidery, lace, wool work, hand made jewelery, azulejos /multicolour ceramic decoration tiles brought by Morish people/ but most of all - sensational, colourful pottery, which is available in my store called "MORANGO".

MORANGO means strawberry in the Portuguese language.

Genial and professional hosts are pleased to welcome all our visitors.


I wish you succesful shopping